Spirits&Plus S.R.L., is a company based on the production of spirits drinks and gourmet distilled through traditional methods.

Founded by Juan Alberto Álvarez, one of the most recognized “Cuban Rum Master” and by Agustí Gómez an economist and financier with a wide experience in the spirits drinks industry.

Juan Alberto, chemist engineer by profession, has acquired a wide experience during his 28 years working in the world of spirits drinks and in the alcohol production.
During his professional life, he has run important companies based on the production of alcohol and spirits in Cuba and Spain. As a result of his knowledge, experience and creativity, he received an award on the most important worldwide competitions regarding the design and production of Rums, Gins, Whiskies, Vodkas and other liquors. Besides, he has had in his care the assembly Project Direction and the launch of Industrial Plants of spirits drinks, and the ethyl alcohol by fermentation.



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