RUM 7 villas




7 VILLAS SOLERA EXRA RUM is the result of the integration of lots of elements that give rise to a new product, unique in its type, easy to distinguish and with pleasant and complex aromatic touches.
Typical of the Caribbean rum technology, during its production two basic stages are defined, both of them are the maximum responsible of the identity and characteristics that the 7 VILLAS RUM owns.
Our product, defined within the premium rum category, has as a design characteristic, that moonshines aged more than 4 years, basic rums aged for at least 7 to 10 years and some other exclusivities of our cellar that emphasize distinctive notes, participate in its formulation. The use of small quantities of these aged exclusivities, it is only justified in premium products such as the 7 VILLAS RUM

It is dark amber, bright, clean and with a full transparency. Within the wineglass some mahogany and old gold traces are displayed. Touch and tonality typical of the evolution and the concentration of tannins transformed by rusting. When sliding down the cup it shows viscous, thick and persistent in falling.
With a soft and well-balanced peculiar smell, a combination of primary and secondary aromas is perceived. The primary ones are the result of compounds that are created during the fermentation of sugary currents that remember of the sugar cane in its harvest. When transformed during the aging process, these are shown as a combination of fruit aroma, which remembers of vanilla, coconut, dry grapes and prunes. The secondary aromas do their presence on the nose, remembering us the oak wood transformed in its contact with the oxygen of the Caribbean climate. With almond, dried fruits and nuts touches. The final aroma is soft, well-balanced, with a unique aromatic specter that identifies the product, and eliminates the irritating aroma of non-aged alcohols. It is persistent and long-lasting on the dry wineglass.
Fine rum, elegant, slightly noticeable sweetness integrated within a combination of well transformed oak wood flavors, with dried fruits and sweet dry grapes tone.
Soft, slightly sweetness with fruity dry grape flavor, without astringency or burning, with a slightly irritating feeling that remembers of its alcohol graduation, without getting to feel roughness or itching on the palate.

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